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Sheriff's reports

Watauga Democrat 29 Sep 2023
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Hong Kong rental market heats up as overseas workers return

Shenzhen Daily 20 Sep 2023
Meantime, in Singapore, policy measures ahead of an election to tackle soaring property prices are starting to work ... Hong Kong’s seen its strongest rental market since July 2018, said James Fisher, chief operating officer at, who expects rents to rise another 2%-3% by the end of this year. (SD-Agencies). .

Unicoi County Animal Shelter, Tennessee Hills Brewstillery hosting tailgate party

Johnson City Press 15 Sep 2023
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Greene County Awarded Over $300K To Address Food Insecurity

The Greeneville Sun 12 Sep 2023
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Judge rules Trump in 2019 defamed writer who has already won a sex abuse and ...

Morning Times 06 Sep 2023
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TOUR Championship Par Scores

Johnson City Press 28 Aug 2023
kE23=6mkE3@5JmkECmkE5 4=2DDlQ4@=\?2>6\6IE6?565Qm'.<E@C w@G=2?5[ S`g[___[___k^E5mkE5 4=2DDlQ4@=\E@FC?2>6?E\=.?6D4@C6Qmeg\ec\ee\eb—ae`k^E5mkE5 4=2DDlQ4@=\A2C\C6=2E.G6\DEC@<6DQm\`hk^E5mk^ECmkECmkE5 4=2DDlQ4@=\?2>6\6IE6?565Qm)2?56C $492F776=6[ Se[d__[___k^E5mkE5 ...

CPKC Women's Open Scores

Johnson City Press 28 Aug 2023
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CPKC Women's Open Par Scores

Johnson City Press 28 Aug 2023
... 4=2DDlQ4@=\A2C\C6=2E.G6\DEC@<6DQmZ`ak^E5mk^ECmkECmkE5 4=2DDlQ4@=\?2>6\6IE6?565Qm{J5.2 z@[ Sd[_`hk^E5mkE5 4=2DDlQ4@=\E@FC?2>6?E\=.?6D4@C6Qmfa\fc\ga\fb—b_`k^E5mkE5 4=2DDlQ4@=\A2C\C6=2E.G6\DEC@<6DQmZ`bk^E5mk^ECmk^E3@5Jmk^E23=6m.

Washington wheat farmer fined for crop insurance scam

Capital Press 25 Aug 2023
A federal judge has imposed a $607,284 judgment against a Klickitat County, Wash., wheat farmer who filed false crop insurance claims. Comstock. Rick T ... 21 by U.S. District Judge Thomas O. Rice in Spokane ... kAmvC2J DF3>.EE65 4=2.>D @? 3@E9 A@=.4.6D 2?5 C6A@CE65 D6==.?8 2== E96 H962E %96 &$sp A2.5 2 E@E2= @7 Sd`hk^Am ... kAmx? 9.D CF=.?8Qk^Am ... ....

Ashe County arrest reports

Ashe Post & Times 23 Aug 2023
... 2 $4965F=6 x' 4@?EC@==65 DF3DE2?46[ A@DD6DD.@? @7 5CF8 A2C2A96C?2=.2[ D.>A=6 A@DD6DD.@? @7 2 $4965F=6 xxx 4@?EC@==65 DF3DE2?46 2?5 D.>A=6 A@DD6DD.@? @7 2 $4965F=6 x' 4@?EC@==65 DF3DE2?46] (2=E@? H2D C6=62D65 @? pF8] `f F?56C 2 Sd[___ D64FC65 3@?5]k^Am. kAmpF8] `hk^Am.

Boeing Classic Tour Scores

Johnson City Press 14 Aug 2023
y2.566[ Sh[ac_k^E5mkE5 4=2DDlQ4@=\E@FC?2>6?E\=.?6D4@C6Qmfc\eg\fc—a`ek^E5mk^ECmkECmkE5 4=2DDlQ4@=\?2>6\6IE6?565Qm..4926= y@?K@?[ Sh[ac_k^E5mkE5 4=2DDlQ4@=\E@FC?2>6?E\=.?6D4@C6Qmfb\eh\fc—a`ek^E5mk^ECmkECmkE5 4=2DDlQ4@=\?2>6\6IE6?565Qm#@3 {23C.EK[ Sh[ac_k^E5mkE5 ...

Boeing Classic Par Scores

Columbia Missourian 14 Aug 2023
y2.566[ Sh[ac_k^E5mkE5 4=2DDlQ4@=\E@FC?2>6?E\=.?6D4@C6Qmfc\eg\fc—a`ek^E5mkE5 4=2DDlQ4@=\A2C\C6=2E.G6\DEC@<6DQmtk^E5mk^ECmkECmkE5 4=2DDlQ4@=\?2>6\6IE6?565Qm..4926= y@?K@?[ Sh[ac_k^E5mkE5 4=2DDlQ4@=\E@FC?2>6?E\=.?6D4@C6Qmfb\eh\fc—a`ek^E5mkE5 ...

Arizona woman's heat death after her power was cut off spurred changes, but advocates want more

Morning Times 24 Jul 2023
kAm!w~t}x) Wp!X — $E6A92?.6 !F==>2? 5.65 @? 2 DH6=E6C.?8 pC.K@?2 52J 27E6C 96C 6=64EC.4.EJ H2D 4FE @77 3642FD6 @7 2 Sd` 563E]k^Am ... kAm“x 42?VE E2=<k^Am ... kAm“!6@A=6 2C6 ?@H >@C6 4@8?.K2?E E92E =@H\.?4@>6 A6@A=6 42? =@D6 E96 A@H6C .? E96.C 9@>6 2E 2?J E.>6 Qr@F=5?VE D@>6@?6 92G6 DA2C65 96C E96 Sd`nQk^Am. kAmx? a_`hk^Am ... ....

An Arizona woman died after her power was cut over a $51 debt. That forced ...

Index-Journal 24 Jul 2023
PHOENIX (AP) — Stephanie Pullman died on a sweltering Arizona day after her electricity was cut off because of a $51 debt ... × This page requires Javascript ... kAm“!6@A=6 2C6 ?@H >@C6 4@8?.K2?E E92E =@H\.?4@>6 A6@A=6 42? =@D6 E96 A@H6C .? E96.C 9@>6 2E 2?J E.>6 Qr@F=5?VE D@>6@?6 92G6 DA2C65 96C E96 Sd`nQk^Am. kAmx? a_`hk^Am ... ....

Taco Bell Menu Brings Back Its Answer to Popular Wendy's Offer

The Daily Astorian 06 Jul 2023
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